Do you provide home delivery/collection service?
Minimum rental of $40 is required For monthly rental items. Home delivery/collection services (+$20/2 ways) are available only on SUNDAYS 9-3PM. Kindly request for the delivery service if you are available to receive the items. We regret that we do not have other delivery timings.
Customers can opt for self collection at our showroom at Blk 540 Serangoon North Ave 4 #b1-109 S550540.
We are open Mon to Sun 12-2pm for self collection/return of items. For other timings, please call our office to arrange.
Are the rented toys safe to play? All toys put up for rental are in good working condition. They will be checked for defects before and after each rental.
How are the toys sanitised?
Before renting the toys, parents will be asked to declare if their child has just recovered from HFMD/chicken pox/ other sickness as a preventive measure. When the toys are returned, we will ask the parents to declare again so that we can “rest” the toy for a safe period after sanitising it, before renting it out again. This is our promise to our clients, as part of responsible and ethical business etiquette.
Safe Around Children
The hospital grade Disinfectant & Cleaner kills the H5N1 “Bird Flu” and SARS viruses, and eliminates MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRE (vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus) as well as harmful, illness-causing organisms such as Salmonella, E coli, (causes food poisoning) Staph and Pseudomonas (infections), Rhinoviruses, (causes colds), Herpes simplex (cold sores), Influenza (causes the Flu), Poliovirus (causes HFMD), Trichophyton (causes ringworm), molds and mildew. It is safe to use around children and is also biodegradable.
Advantages of the Disinfectant & Cleaner used
  • Lowest toxicity rating available
  • Kills – Bacteria, Virus and Fungus
  • Disinfects without bleaching
  • No harsh chemical smell
How do you calculate the one (1) month rental period?
The one (1) month rental period commences on the day of self collection/delivery and ends 4 weeks (28 days) later.
Although the typical rental period is for one month, we would be happy to accommodate special requests as well. Just drop us an email at booking.str(at)gmail.com
Can I extend my rental period?
Of course you can but extension is subjected to availability of the item. If you could let us know as early as possible that will be great as we will then be able to keep the item for you. Otherwise, we will have to honour reservations from other customers who have indicated their interest to rent. 
For extensions, we accept bank transfers and internet banking transfers as payment for the extension. Payment is to be made before or by the start date of the rental extension. 
Should you wish to extend the rental period for only SOME of the toys in your order, you can either opt to:
1)  self return the toys to us or
2)  if you would like us to pick up the toys, there will be a $20 collection charge, delivery is possible depending on the area.
What if the toy I want is rented out? Can I reserve the toy then?
If the toy you want is rented out, you can email us to place you on the waiting list for the toy. At the same time, we will inform you when the toy would be returned. We will try our best but kindly note that there are no guarantees that the item will be available on the required date as its subjected to circumstances where the return is delayed or if the toy is damaged or unsafe for rental.
Once the toy has been returned, we will inform you via email or sms. Kindly allow us three (3) working days between rentals to complete the disinfecting of the toy.
What if the toy is stained/spoilt/damaged or has parts missing during the rental period? To uphold the quality and condition of the toys we make available for rent, we would appreciate if hirers can ensure that the toys are returned clean and in original condition they were rented out.

What if the toy is damaged/lost during the rental period?
  1. Singapore Toy Rental reserves the right to impose fees on loss or damage to rental items, other than reasonable wear and tear, incurred during the rental duration to the client.
The only time a customer is ever expected to pay for a “damaged toy” is if it is absolutely broken and is unable to be repaired, If that happens, the retail price of the toy will be borne by the hirer to enable us to make a replacement of the item.
We wish to clarify that we do not profit from damaged charges, and our aim is to maintain our inventory of toys in good condition so that other children can play with them too.

If the toy(s) are stained/ink marks/damaged/lost or have parts missing such that the parts cannot be replaced, or if the toy cannot be rented out anymore; the actual price of the item will be borne by the hirer.

If the toy is slightly damaged/ has missing/damaged part(s) that can be replaced, a fee of 1 month’s rental is chargeable to enable us to make a replacement (inclusive of transport fee) of the damaged part(s).

There is a 5 day inspection period after the toys have been collected from the hirer. During the inspection period, should the toy be found to be damaged, Singapore Toy Rental is entitled to claim the damages from the hirer. 
Care of fabric seats for Jumperoo/Exersaucer, How to clean them?
Fabric seats can be detached from the toy for laundry hand wash. If soiled/dirtied, hirer must not leave the seat unwashed or damp, as this would result in mold growing on  the fabric (or “black spots”). These black spots are  permanent and cannot be removed. If this happens, the replacement cost of the seat will  be borne by the hirer.
Do you provide batteries? For rental of battery operated toys, batteries are not included. However, if customers find used batteries in the toys they can use it. However, if a toy runs out of  battery during the rental period , we are not obligated to do replacement of batteries.
My grandchild/niece/nephew is coming to visit and I don’t know what to rent! We will be more than happy to help you out with advice on popular toys for specific age groups.  Just contact us at booking.str(at)gmail.com and we’ll do our best to make the visit a fun one!  Be sure to indicate the age and gender of the child and the length of the visit.

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