The Straits Times, Sundaylife! 4 May 2014, Sunday
“Just rent and save.”

Ms Cindy Tan, 33, has been renting toys from toy rental store Singapore Toy Rental for the last 11/2 years.

The assistant marketing manager, who has a two-year-old daughter Kylie and a two-month-old son Jonas, says: “Our four-room flat is only 90 sq m. We don’t want to have toys lying around after our kids grow up.”

Her husband, businessman Jason Lim, 33, adds: “You’d be surprised how quickly kids get bored and dump their toys. When this happens, we just rent a new one.”

Renting toys saves them money too. The Scramble N Slide Play Center by Grow’n up, which the family has rented since March for $68 a month, would have cost $299.95.

The play set features a slide, swing and crawling spaces.

“As we rent each toy for at most two months, it’s cheaper than buying,” Ms Tan says. She spends about $130 on toy rentals each month.

Hygiene is not an issue, she adds, as all the toys are disinfected by the store before they are delivered.

“I’ll just avoid renting items with cushions as bacteria can grow easily in fabrics.”

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